Discord Bots

01 August 2016

A brief summary of the work I've done with Discord Bots and the Discord API.

Picture of Discord Bots

I started making bots on Discord only a few months after joining the platform in 2016. Most are single-purpose applications that I just create for fun. I either use the Discord.Net or discord.py libraries.

Achievement Bot

DiscordAchievementBot GitHub Repo

This bot generates Xbox-styled achievement popups using Magick.NET. At the time of writing, it’s in nearly 200 servers with a total of 97,000 users.

CSSBot and CSSBot_Py

CSSBot GitHub Repo CSSBot_Py GitHub Repo

Screenshot of CSSBot in use

Screenshot of CSSBot Py in use

Originally created for a Discord server for my friends and other CSS students at my school, these bots provide some all-around utilities.

I had made CSSBot first, but since C# wasn’t widely known in the group, I made CSSBot_Py using Python so that others could contribute.