Game Projects

December 2018

A listing of the games I've made for classes and Game Jams.

Patio Lights

October 2018
Internet-enabled animated RGB Halloween/Xmas/etc. lights.
Image of Patio Lights

UWB Hacks 2018

May 2018

Planning an all-day hackathon for other students at my school, with a Chat Bot theme.
Image of UWB Hacks 2018


March 2018
A Motorola 68000 assembler, disassembler, and simulator made in Python.

Binary Keyboard Build Log

April 2017
A keyboard that types in binary with only two buttons.
Image of Binary Keyboard Build Log

Hacking an IOT Lightbulb

October 2016
How I reverse engineered the protocol used by some cheap WiFi lightbulbs, and made by own client application.

Discord Bots

August 2016

A brief summary of the work I've done with Discord Bots and the Discord API.
Image of Discord Bots